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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Latest pleasant communication from said "author."

Sun, 3 Jun 2012 17:51:26 -0600 [04:51:26 PM PDT] I noticed that you saw fit to post my May 31, 2012 letter on your blog. Your knowledge that I write as Ken Charles is the result of your work for NNP. Accordingly, you are aware that that information was confidential. Since you saw fit to publish the information, however, you obviously have no objection to my publicly defending myself against unfounded attacks by (name removed), aka Annabelle Crawford. Taking down the blog post before 7:00 pm on Monday, June 4, 2012 and refraining from publicly linking my real name to my pen name will obviate the need to disclose your name publicly. It appears that you are still confused. I never hired you, nor would I have, unfortunately, given your lack of experience and educational qualifications. We were never in privity. You were an agent or employee of NNP, working at their behest, subject to their contractual limitations. You have no "intellectual property" rights with regard to the works that NNP hired you to "read and check". When NNP offered to let me "buy out" my contracts, one of the items that it wanted me to pay for was the amount that it ostensibly had paid its "editor". Accordingly, it appears that you have already been paid in full for your de minimus services. If you believe the services that you provided NNP have some value for which you were not adequately compensated, contact NNP for additional compensation.


  1. For the record, I know this individual's real name because he told it to me when we met in person. Also, for the record, I did not ask him for compensation. Merely indicated that no part of what I had contributed to both of the documents in question is his, neither does he have the right to use any of my contributions in publication. Again, you decide who's being unethical.

  2. Also, I will happily provide names of credible authors who will be more than happy to give an accurate assessment of my abilities as an editor.

  3. And I'll add here for the "record" that no where whatsoever in the buy out fee did nnp claim that Ms. Crawford had been paid. As Mr, Charles is fully aware compensation is either based soley on the sales of the works over the term of the contact OR the payment of the buy out fee should the author wish to terminate the contract prior to said term completion. Termination however must be on valid grounds or the buy out fee is imposed. Neither has been completed in this case.
    I concur with Ms. Crawford on another note though as well. The legal name of the author was public knowledge long before Ms. Crawford ever freelanced the works for the author so it's surprising that she was entirely unaware until after she was informed by himself.
    Legal information to an author's pseudonym is not shared by NNP with it's editors. In fact, unless the author exposes this information themselves to ANY third party other then the signing officer of the contract then it's simply unknown by anyone in business with nnp in any form. This author has hardly kept his identity a secret since he's seen fit to directly contact each and every business nnp works with, including distributors, with his invalid claims and harassment from his own, direct email account in his legal name.

  4. Working with Annabelle Crawford has been nothing but a positive enforcement on my career as a writer. Annabelle has a friendly approach, that is normally quite hard to find in an editor. She offers professional suggestions without offending or changing the voice of the author. I recommend Annabelle to all serious writers. In regards to the above negative comments, I choose to only ignore and laugh at the unprofessionalism of the client. Thank you Annabelle, I look forward to the ongoing service you provide. Talk soon xx