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Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's okay. The 20 or so people who follow my blog know who the asshole is.

Unethical Practices? You decide. Email sent to (name removed): You are not permitted legally to publish any of my edits should you choose to publish either The Mercies of Cinderella or The Naughty Ladies of Cotton Glen. You do not have any rights to any of my edits. Response from (name removed): Obviously, you are confused. You've made no edits in either work. You made suggestions, some of which I accepted. As NNP expressly noted in its editions and derivatives of The Naughty Ladies of Cotton Glen: Please note that final edits on this work are at the discretion of the Author. Our editors may make suggestions we feel would improve the work and reader appreciation, however, our editors are forbidden to change anything without Ken Charles' (sic) approval. This ebook remains an expression of his creativity and is published as directed by him. This disclaimer is in accordance with language of Section 3.2 of the Author Agreements which purportedly gave NNP the right to "read and check" the work, but not to perform substantive edits. Since NNP had no authority to perform any substantive edits, a fortiori, you had no such authority. Please identify any purported "edits" for which you claim some right, and the legal basis for your claim. Otherwise, in the absence of any legal claim to any such "edits", any actions on your part which in any manner impede, obstruct, or interfere with any subsequent publication of the works will result in appropriate legal action potentially including, but not necessarily limited to, actions for tortious interference, prima facie tort, and damages under the DMCA. If you are claiming rights under a third party beneficiary theory under the Author Agreements, be advised that the Agreements were fraudulently procured (NNP having no templates as required in Section 3.2) and granted no licenses to NNP ab initio. Accordingly, in addition to the limitations of Section 3.2, NNP could not confer any third party beneficiary interest on you. Sincerely yours, (name removed) (writing as Ken Charles) FACT: I have copies of my EDITS and his revisions back and forth - every step of the process. It's time to expose this rat for what he is. FACT: My edits or suggestions - call them what you want - are still my intellectual property and it should be exposed that he is taking advantage of my services. He has received editing services performed by me and I have not given him permission to use any of the changes that I suggested. Posted by Annabelle Crawford at 9:25 PM

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